Stuff I Really Like

Dear Reader,

Within here you will find links to all my favorite websites along with links back to the original posts on these entities. This is a blatant attempt to use new blogger technology in an interesting way and make me look clever at the same time. I expect to fool no-one except me.

An Australian blogger of some repute and reputation. His email rants at various characters that offend him have gone viral on a number of occasions. Missing Missy is probably his most distributed work but the site offers a number of wonderful clashes with the police, landlords and work colleagues. This site is genius.

My favorite flash site, apple users need not apply, get an emulator or something. Take a classic movie, encapsulate the plot in a sixty second precis, and act out all the key scenes with bunnies. In my mind, this is perfection.

So these guys from Manchester, England like freaky animation and stupid songs.Oh, so much fun to be had, definitely not for children.

If you read this blog regularly you may have noticed that I am a bit of a cat lover. Simon Tofield has taken cat loving to a new dimension. Below are links to his YouTube site (50m plus views) and his website, where you can purchase trinkets. His cat observations will strike a chord with any cat owner.

There will be adverts, sorry.

As much as I hate Plastic Coffee Stirrers, someone has devoted a site to the love of them. There may be a small truck of irony in this site; it sure is funny.

"A webcomic devoted to romance, sarcasm, math and language."  according to the author. Although I only really understand 25% of this site purported subjects every new strip makes me laugh greatly.

Where a postmen brightens up his daily round by capturing all the lovely felines hew encounters on his travels. Simply lovely.