Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Site Of The Month - Part 3

Dear Readers,

Another month rolls into it's fat middle and suddenly I remember I have promised to something every month for your amusement. Yep, that's right another site for the month.

This time I have elected a site that is big on animation, music and crazy songs. There are also some highly amusing but distinctly low-tech gadgets to play with as well.

The creators (or at least some of them) of this site are clearly not merely English, they are Northern (with a capital N). My dear wife, Smiffy, is also of Northern origin and I assure you that they are pretty much as evolved as Southerners, just a bit different (see Coronation Street for evidence). They also have a bit of an obsession with kittens, (never a bad thing) and many other nonsenses.

Some highlights for me:

We Like Tha moon
Independent Woman (with a Northern Kitten twist)
Bill Oddie

Have some fun in a Rather Good world!

More soon dear readers.


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