Thursday, 11 November 2010

Site Of The Month - Part 2


As promised, new month, new site. Well actually not a new site at all, it's been around for about six years now, to be more concise.

It is unusual to combine flash animation, bunnies and classic movies in the same sentence, but this is what happens when someone thinks outside of the box. What I like about this site is it delivers exactly what it says on the tin: great movies, bunnies, 30 second capsules. Voiced in a highly amusing way this site has kept me amused for years. When I revisited the site for this article I saw a news item that implied that the author was hanging up his (fingers?) after six years of quality work. I panicked, this blog post was all prepared goddamnit. Good news is, someone has made him see sense and there will be more bunny flicks in the future.

Some of my personal favourites:

Smiffy, my dear wife, would not forgive me if I didn't at least nod at Harry Potter 1 and Harry Potter 2 (the bunny movies) which slightly confusingly covers the first five Harry Potter films but doesn't give anything away about the new ones for those of us who refuse to read the books.

There are oodles more just waiting to be enjoyed. Tell me your personal favourites and I may set up a league table (or something).

Anyhoo, hope it makes you happy.

Have fun dear reader. Goodnight, and don't let the bunnies bite.

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