Sunday, 20 February 2011

Site Of The Month - Part 4

Dear Readers,

This site, along with it's not inconsiderable YouTube presence is a joy to me. It combines two things that are close to my heart, comedy and cats. Dogs and other animals do get a look-in as well. Mainly though, this site is about the exasperation shared by every cat owner about the behavior of their cat(s) amplified to the nth degree.

Somebody sent me the first video from this author some time ago and it is particularly resonant in our family as one of our cats exhibits pretty much all of the traits illustrated (apart from the baseball bat) in attempting to wake us up.

This first outing has managed to attract over 22m viewers, no mean feat I think you'll agree.

The website offers the prospect of watching all of the videos along with some rather cute merchandise which, having become a bit of a fan, I might have fallen for. There are also photo competitions for cat owners and all sorts of other good stuff.

It's fab and can be found here...

Alternatively pretty much everything can be accessed from the YouTube page...

Either way I hope you get as much enjoyment from this cat as I have.

See you soon dear readers...


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