Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Why Do I Bother Gets a Makeover

As promised I have made some changes to the blog. In summary:
  • The overall theme has been changed, losing all that wasted space on the sides of the blog and hopefully making the thing easier to read. The colour scheme has changed slightly as well.
  • A YouTube link has been added, currently this will mainly show my own YouTube channel (full of my cats being cute) along with some other stuff which the widget includes at random, contrary to my wishes:).
  • You can now subscribe to this blog by email. This is a painless process, involving the supply of an email address, followed by the usual graphic verification stuff. You will get an email, just hit the confirm link and you will then get all the goodies I post direct to your inbox for your edification. Given the recent scarcity of posts this is probably the best way to follow:).
  • I have reconfigured the advertising side of life as well, this should now be a little less intrusive than it used to be.
  • Done some other general tidying and rearrangement to hopefully make the whole experience better for all.
These changes have very much been driven by personal feel, without any input from anyone else. Feel free to comment on the changes. If you have encountered functionality on another blog that could be of benefit and does not currently feature here feel free to comment, this is your space as much as it is mine. If you have an example URL that would be more helpful than a description of the function.
OK, enough with the release notes… enjoy!

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