Sunday, 1 April 2012


Dear Reader,

So, I start the A to Z challenge series of posts with a big word. Don't worry, this is not the theme, this is the only big word I know. For those unfamiliar with this term you can find a full and riveting description of it here. In short, anthropomorphism is when humans, like me assign human characteristics to animals, non-living things or abstract concepts. In our household we anthropomorphise  a lot, often with non-living things, occasionally with abstract concepts, always with our cats.

Hmm, late for a very important anthropomorphism conference no doubt.

Should we go out for the evening, we will talk about the cats and what they will be getting up to whilst we are away. Playing cards is our theory. Anyone who knows anything, however, will tell you this can't be true, and they are right. Cats don't play cards because they don't trust the cheetahs.

Our cats send us faxes when we are out, often demanding we bring back live salmon. We have explained that before they can have live salmon they would need a pond and there isn't room. Make room, we are told.

Our cats will solve complex maths puzzles in their sleep, or working out the value of Pi to 25 decimal places just for fun. One of our cats has just completed a complex problem for NASA in his sleep.  We know all of this because it is true.

More grandiose tales abound such as business trips to foreign countries, looking after ancient cat trading empires. Diplomacy is important, although sometimes claws help too. Apparently the Chinese are particularly difficult felines to deal with, the food is a bit strange too.

My dear lady wife and I believe all cat owners must do this, as it makes perfect sense.  We could also have horribly misjudged this, which might result in a knock on the door from some nice men in white coats armed with butterfly nets and sedatives.

Assuming that is not the case, Dear Reader, I will be back tomorrow with somthing to do with the letter B.



  1. My cat is an evil genius, and plots world domination while we're out.

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  2. I've never trusted cats and I think this is probably why.

    Dave Wrote This

  3. Nice posting and LOL I don't have a cat, but I think I do this with my Chihuahua mainly because thru the day I tend to talk to her :) I tend to look at her expressions and put words to what I think she would say if she could talk :)

  4. A great word to start with , in fact so good I have used ANTHROPOMORPHIC myself although in a slightly different way.

  5. Just to say the word verification is still on by the way.

  6. Hi Brian - I enjoyed your "A" post and I do think cats are as talented as you goddaughter is a cat.

    Until B...

    Jenny @ Pearson Report
    Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

  7. That's too funny. We dont' have a cat, but our dog often tells our friends that he think's they should bring hamburgers over for him. Our bearded dragon doesn't do or say much though.

  8. LoopyLou, Cats and world domination, I was trying not to scare anybody :)

    Dave, your mistrust is perfectly founded and understandable.

    Gossip_Grl, Cats, dogs, hamsters, goldfish. They are all plotting something (with varying degrees of success)

    Rob Z Tobor, thank you, and word verification is now off. I have just worked out what it is :) I am glad to see Anthropomorphic has travelled.

    Pearson Report, Glad you liked it, this is all you and your co-hosts fault :)

    Carol, Dogs, like cats are self-motivated. Bearded dragons are deep thinkers. They might be playing chess.