Thursday, 12 March 2009

Endtroducing… Smiffy

And so to Smiffy…

It is only fair that when new staff have been recruited to the blog they are accordingly recognised, (especially if they happen to be your wife!).

Smiffy is a whole bunch of lovely, wonderful things to me that I won't bore you with. What, as a regular reader you need to appreciate is what Smiffy contributes to this blog. The process goes a little like this…

Step 1: I write a bunch of stuff and submit to a test site.

Step 2: Smiffy reads and corrects all my amusing attempts at correct GRAMMAR. At this point it should be explained that my use of commas is comparable to US napalm fuelled "deforestation" air raids in Vietnam, that is to say occasionally indiscriminate and often inappropriate. Commas are a big issue for Smiffy. Often COMMAS also get the capital treatment. It should also be explained that the word GRAMMAR can only be pronounced in capitals by Smiffy.

Step 3: I whine and moan about the stupidities of correct GRAMMAR and refuse to make the changes.

Step 4: A husband and wife debate ensues… the changes are made.

Step 5: Finally the Smiffy enhanced version of my scribble gets published and this is what you get to read.

It may sound from the tone of this that I am negative about Smiffy, but that is not true. What I am negative about is being corrected, cos at times I can be a teensy bit arrogant and "unreceptive to constructive criticism" (Smiffy made me write that!). Hopefully you will forgive me and understand me as time flies by.

Most importantly, appreciate Smiffy for what she brings to this blog, as in GRAMMAR and her support. And maybe the best bit is unconditional LOVE (no matter how bad my GRAMMAR is.).

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