Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Fungal Infection

Not the most inviting title to a blog post I know, don't worry this is not about a trip to a sexual disease clinic! This is a fish related post.
Recently one of my fish, a black Molly, started to show signs of a fluffy white growth on its skin. After much browsing of the tinternet the consensus appeared to be quarantine the fish in question as the infection may be contagious. Once quarantined in Guantanamo bowl (new readers should be aware that this is the name given to small supplementary tank purchased for occasions such as this) the fish should be medicated if necessary and returned to the main aquarium once the infection has healed.
This is all sounded quite straightforward, too straightforward. Anyone who in the past has attempted to catch non-specific fish with the aid of a rod and reel will tell you it is easy enough if you have the right bait and the patience. Take away the rod, reel and bait and tell them to get the black one called Gerald with the aid of nothing but a net and let's see how the smug gits get on.
I found that it is quite easy to catch any old fish in a fish tank. Any of the fish that you are not actively pursuing will be curious of about the arrival of a fish net in their midst. Some will swim into the net and set up stalls selling trinkets and concert tickets for their friends. This is not helpful to my cause as I have to wait for the stall to wrap-up for the day before I can continue stalking the unfortunate diseased Molly (it should be pointed out to any serious fish enthusiasts who stumble upon this site that the last two sentences are lies).
It has taken two attempts but the Molly in question now resides in Guantanamo, receiving the best medical care modern science has to offer. I will keep you posted on the little fella's progress.

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