Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Domino Effect (and variants thereof) - Nobel Prize in the post...

Dear Reader,

Whilst wandering around the supermarket the other day a strange thought occurred...

So, the Domino Effect (bear with me) is a term which describes an event causing another event nearby yada yada yada ad nauseum, at least until there are no more nearby events left to occur.

This effect could be illustrated with a video showing an enormous number of dominos stacked end on end, knock over the first and then all the others fall over in sequence. However Youtube has a far better illustration demonstrated by "scientists". It is quite clear they are scientists because they wear white coats. Apologies about the music, it is most annoying.

Much fun, if you have too much spare time and an apparently unlimited supply of mentos, diet coke, bits of plastic tube and time.

Now to Domino Theory, a political whimsy which guided US foreign policy between the 50's and the 80's and resulted in the Vietnam War amongst other rather sordid actions. If you can't be bothered to read the lengthy wiki post above then the policy can be summarised in this natty diagram...

In short, if one is Red, they will all be Red. Very adult.

Now this is all very tedious, and if you have stuck with me thus far I really am getting to the point, (and my Nobel Prize nomination).

We understand the Domino Effect and also the Domino Theory, inextricably linked as they are. Whilst wandering around my local supermarket the other day I discovered a third Domino related theory. I noticed that on a particular night of the week (Tuesday) that my supermarket was largely free of the usual collection of degenerates stacking their trolleys with high fat food and cheap alcohol.

On other days, the tills were as usual staffed with a mixture of under 18's and over 50's on minimum wage struggling to cope with a five deep queue of people which has been present from opening time to closing time.

On this Tuesday, the tills were as usual staffed with a mixture of under 18's and over 50's on minimum wage, but where were the queues?

The supermarket was more reminiscent of George A Romero's classic zombie flick Dawn Of The Dead, (the original, 1979) where bemused shopper-zombies attempt to go about their normal/zombie lives when there is no flesh available in a largely deserted shopping mall.

I might be digressing a teensy bit :)

So, back to Tuesday, what's going on? I asked my self. Like a good scientist I ploughed literally minutes of research time into the phenomenon. Analysing the vast amounts of data that had landed on my doormat I found the answer. A local and extremely powerful restaurant had a two for one offer on Tuesdays...

This will be the Dominos Effect in action.

Having posted my findings on this website, I expect a notification from the Nobel prize board imminently.

For legal reasons: it should be noted that a similar effect could be recorded if promotions by Pizza Hut, Pizza Land, Pizza-Curry-Junction (my favourite) or any other pizza outlet happened to deliver on my patch.

I will keep you posted regarding the Nobel Prize dear reader...


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