Friday, 7 October 2011

Steve Jobs - Thank You

Dear Reader,

Whilst a little tipsy a few months ago I was wandering back home through St Pancras train station in London with a friend and for some reason it occurred to us that it would be great to re-enact (rather badly) the Digby Chicken Ceasar sketch from That Mitchell and Webb Look. For those unfamiliar with the sketch an example below:

We didn't steal anything, but we did run headlong through the station singing the song whilst recording the event simultaneously through front facing cameras on our iPhones. When we stopped, we also simultaneously uploaded the event to our respective Facebook profiles, much to the despair (and occasional amusement) of our peers. More importantly, we laughed, long and hard. It was the highlight of our evening, I still remember it to this day.

Without Steve Jobs, such a moment may not have happened. 

It has been said that one of Steve's greatest achievements was making technology more accessible and personable. My experience above (although somewhat inane) is a classic example of this. 

The future is less exciting without you. 

Steve Jobs RIP: 1955-2011
More soon dear reader xx

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