Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Dear Reader, 

Organisation is not my strong point. I remember back at the end of January when I first heard about the A-Z Challenge and thought what a fine idea that would be. I could see all of the advantages and none of the disadvantages. I will talk about the advantages once all this is over, but for the time-being I am going to focus on the disadvantages. These are not disadvantages to the challenge per se, but disadvantages specific to the challenge when undertaken by me.

I was not regular blogger, averaging just under three posts a month. So to produce the required output without losing my mind I would have to be organised. 

Like a student with an overwhelming amount of revision to think about I organised around the task without actually organising the task. Being involved in software I spent some time deciding the best format to store my notes in. I then spent further time working how best to share this information across all my computers all of the time. 

Organising - or task avoidance?
I won't bore you with the process but if you are interested then use the comment box and I will share my method. I ended with a tabbed document, sort of like a filing cabinet. There were 26 of them, and each had a letter on it. For a finishing touch I added the date that corresponded with the letter in question. I was ready, I was organised. It was March.

Come April 1st I had two posts which were pretty much complete and about another three that were half done. Two of these were then rejected and replaced by completely new posts.

Now I need to be a full-time writer, but I work full-time. Consequently, I return from work, saving hello to the long-suffering Dear Lady Wife. She is knitting A-Z Challenge Widow merchandise. I quite like the beany hat. I wave, sweep upstairs with a dramatic sigh and install myself in front of the computer. Another day, another blog post.

A choice currently not available to me.
It may sound like it, but I'm not complaining. Neither is the DLW, apparently she likes knitting A-Z Challenge Widow merchandise.

Having giving myself a proper dressing down about being organised I realise this post is all but finished and it's only 7.20 in the morning. I actually woke up early with this idea floating around in my head. This is scary, but OMG, it feels organised.

Till tomorrow, Dear Reader, when I will be peering at the letter P. 



  1. Love the sticky notes...where would we be without them....probably one of the best inventions ever lol.I'm with you, everybody thinks I am organized....but really I am not....not sure how I fooled them though?

    1. And just to ram home the truth of my organisational ability, here is me responding to your comment over a month after you made it. Go me!

  2. Organization isn't my strong point either. My N post actually caused some midnight googling. At least we're coming up with something though.

    1. Still catching up with the comments. I ended up writing four posts in a day so at least I could finish on time. Hope you got there too.