Saturday, 14 April 2012


Dear Reader,

Once again on a deadline, fishing for anything that inspires me and I came up with Llama. I have always liked the animal, without ever touching one but also the word. So I googled it. Apparently it wasn't just me. The word llama will yield a number of interesting and some what bizarre results.

We have to begin with my first exposure to all worlds Llama. This happened when I was first exposed to a computer and the special talents of a man called Jeff Minter. Those of a non-geek mentality might want to bail out for a paragraph or so. Jeff Minter eventually, ran Llamasoft, provider of some very fine computer software, first for the ZX81, and later for the Commodore 64, Atari ST and others. One of the things that attracted about the games were the titles. Revenge of the Mutant Camels, Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time, and Sheep in Space still make me chuckle. I note Llamasoft lives still and is currently reproducing all of is classic stuff as i-Phone apps. I will be downloading once space becomes available on my rather clutttered phone. Also on the site is a rather entertaining biography of Jeff, by Jeff. 

Then there is the nice people at Llamas with Hats whose YouTube animations are a joy to behold. Judging by the number of hits, it isn't just me...

So we have two llamas, one mild-mannered and the other a little psychotic and they both wear hats.

Then there is the song. If you have recently recovered from an irritating song related addiction DO NOT click the link below...

Then there was my honeymoon. I didn't go to Peru, (or wherever this particular animal hails from) because I didn't need to. The Llama's close cousin, the Alpaca had a herd in the UK in Devon, where we spent a couple of days on our mini honeymoon before our full-gas run through South-East Asia. I picked this location for two reasons, the alpacas and the private jacuzzi. So, first the jacuzzi... It was certainly private as it was housed in an outhouse / private building a significant distance from the rest of the accommodation. It was in fact, in a field. It did everything it said on the tin, I just needed to look at the tin more closely. 

The main reason for the trip, was the Alpacas who were friendly, allegedly. They were in fact cute, but only from a distance. More stand-offish than friendly. Oh well.

See what I mean? Cute.
The more astute and regular visitors to this blog would know that this is an A-Z challenge post. It should have been posted yesterday. I am late. Perhaps slightly too far under the influence of wine last night I did publish this to my test blog, but not the live one. Better late than never I suppose. Normal service will be resumed later when I will be munching on the letter M.

Till later Dear Reader.


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  1. We use to see a lot of Llamas on the English Welsh borders, but I have not seen any for a while now. It was a bit strange coming across them the fist time wandering about in a field next to the sheep.