Monday, 30 April 2012


Dear Reader,

I don't why Y is so difficult but it really is. Put "Y is for" into Google and you get a bunch of recent blog posts from A-Z Challenge participants. Judging by some of the results, yo-yos, ytterbium, it may not just have been me that has struggled.

I have a list of words beginning with Y, it's a depressingly short list. I have just googled "yonder", which is (wave arms theatrically in one direction, pointing,) over there somewhere, apparently. 

I am scanning the wikipedia entry for Yttrium which has all the endearing features of a really dull, relatively common, non-precious metal. None, in other words.

Oh, how about Yggdrasil, Norse cosmology anyone? It was an immense tree that held the nine worlds of Norse cosmology together. Yup, thought not.

This is the problem with Y. It doesn't provide much to work with. How about Yak then? Well I have already posted about Llamas this month, so why not another random furry beast?

Yaks are the default beast of burden if you happen to live in the vicinity of the Himalayan Plateau.

Young yak.

 Penny for your yak, sorry thoughts, I meant thoughts .
Interestingly new sports are springing up with the yak central to them. Take yak skiing, a wonderful idea. Attach a rope to a herd of yaks, feed the rope through a pulley. Get the yaks to wait at the top of a snow covered hill. Attach the other end of the rope to yourself and wait at the bottom of the same hill. Rattle a bucket of yak food loudly. Watch as a herd of yaks stampeded down the hill, dragging you at high speed up the hill. Oh what fun, I wonder when they are having a health and safety audit.

Yak skiing, obviously.
Disappointingly I couldn't find a photo which properly does justice to the madness that is yak skiing. We will just have to use our imagination. It doesn't take quite so much imagination to understand yak polo. Remove the horses, replace with yaks and you get a slightly slower, hairier and more horny version of polo.

Careful with that mallet.
So, that's the yak. Adaptable to all manner of sporting endeavour. Synchronised swimming might be a bit of a stretch though.

Back later Dear Reader, when I will be considering the zen of Z


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